viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

a new turn of events

I think that, as everything in life, things tend to get dispersed, pulled from side to side, fragmented. I do not know what my initial intention was for this blog and i feel that, whatever it was, it is not the intention i want for it now. And i know this will change, like everything else, but for now, i just want to write. Write about music and about concerts and about albums and music videos that i cannot get over. And it will become even more all over the place, i suspect. Even when thinking that somethings i have to write in english and others in spanish. How, even in the very core of language i am still fragmented, still divided and undecided. But i suppose there is something redeembable in that too. So, i dont know, we will see.
Things that have been in my mind lately and in no particular order: 1. david bowie´s video for "China Girl", 2. seeing courtney love´s behind the music and how within her insanity there is something rational and true. Strung out or not, waving her pack of malboro lights to the camera and confessing this is what she missed when she was admitted to Bellevue psych ward, the image still haunts me, makes me want to listen to Live Through This again and recall that teenage angst 3. The Black Keys, and their amazing covers of Captain Beefheart songs. How did i not pay attention to them as they opened for Beck during his Sea Change tour. 4. Bob Dylans christian stage, yeah, what was up with that? 5. Do things work better as lists? Is this yet another Rob Gordon symptom to stop this at five? In all of my sickening procastination, there comes a time when i do have to write lists in colorful post-its and not really sleep soundly until i have checked all the to-dos. Five does seem sometimes as a limiting number. I know that other things have been on my mind as well, the 2nd independent-labels fair/concert last saturday and how much of a fresh breath of air it was, the obsession with moshpits, the thinking that right now you are a part of something that is starting, growing, expanding.

I stop at five, but i promise to come back to all of this. Lets start this all over again, feel as positive as John Lennon with (just like) Starting Over.

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Melanie dijo...

It's the return of Dani! I'm so excited! I miss reading your lovely posts, even if they are random, because, lets face it... life isn't consistent.