jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2008

the ashtray says you were up all night.

underground bars and watching heavy metal drummers who dedicates his songs to the crowd sitting over there and we nod and clap and click our glasses in unison. finals (almost over except for one paper due monday) being over, and summer palp-palp-palpating, blossoming, too many plans, too many things to do, my apartment is a MESS but always so entirely worth it, if its just for the table covered in bottles and the tuning of guitars and the taxi rides that go way too fast and all the inside jokes and all of the brilliant chaos that is now.

3 comentarios:

Melanie dijo...

Yay to finals being almost over! Looks like a fun time- cute shirt!

liz tortillaberg dijo...

"the ashtray says you were up all night"

is that yours? can i steal it?

ssshhhdani dijo...

the ashtray says you were up all night is the beggining of wilco's A shot in the Arm. i stole it from there, you can steal it too!